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New Client Special: Free Google Business Set Up with Phone Number for Tracking Leads: $125 Value

I'm confident that I can make a difference to your business and bottom line. With free set up for Google Business, you will be implementing one of the best practices for effective SEO. Setting up a phone number to track leads makes sure we both know that my work is paying off. This normally takes over an hour of work but I will be providing it for free as part of our working engagement. Let's discuss more how we can work together.

Organized, Creative, Data-Driven.

More traffic. More pageviews. More SEO. We all want it, but what does it get us without better results? The truth is that more web traffic is only the first step as it is only small part of your potential customer’s journey. We believe in the “Learn, Buy, Love” model which takes a holistic view of your customer, their needs and what it takes to convert their interest into a sale.

Learn.This is where most search engine optimization and marketing consultants focus their time. It’s at the top of the sales funnel and represents a focus on getting people to your site. This alone is a shotgun approach that fails to qualify your leads and test which digital strategies are best for your most common, converting customer. We take a look at how to get people to your site but also why they would even want to come there in the first place.

Buy. During this phase, we take a look at what content moves sales. Is what you are currently doing effective? How could it work better? Often the first step here is the ability to gauge how things are going and where people are navigating on your site. We will make sure you have a properly implemented analytics structure, clear and simple goals for conversion; and, a testing plan to make the most of every visit of your site.

Love. How do you create a committed fanbase? Retaining customers is like getting past the first date with the man or woman you have a total crush on. It takes commitment, engagement, time and showing that you care. Much of our engagement will look at strategies to keep the customers you have and how they might spread the word.

We find the keys to success with our work together will be to be highly organized in our time together, to create and distribute creative content that inspires and to be data-driven in our decision making. Are you ready to get more customers and learn more about them while we do it? Contact me today and we can can schedule a no-fee initial consultation to discuss your needs.

About Nels Henderson

Nels Henderson has been involved in local business, non-profit and political marketing for over 25 years. Concurrently, he has served as adjunct faculty for Antioch University teaching marketing courses in strategy, ecommerce and web analytics in their bachelor’s degree program. He has been responsible for web optimization and content management for Fortune 500 websites, managed and consulted for political campaigns from Mayor to Congress and has served as president of the board to several non-profit organizations in Santa Barbara County.

Highly trained in Agile methodology, leadership and facilitation skills, Nels received his BA in Political Science at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He also holds a Master's Degree in Organizational Management from Antioch University.

Nels is also the author of two eBooks, Public Relations FAQs and SEO for Notary Publics.

PR FAQs is an easy-to-read manual on the art of public relations and dealing with the news media. Clear, succinct game plans for press releases, press conferences and interviewing with reporters is coupled with the most frequently asked questions his clients, employees, campaign volunteers and university students have had over the last 30 years.

Directly from a one day seminar I teach on search engine optimization (SEO), this eBook focuses on what is important about search engine optimization for notaries that are wanting to learn a bit more. It will also help you unlock some of the mysteries of search engine optimization and generate leads for your business.

Active in his daughter’s school PTA board of directors as parliamentarian, Nels enjoys cooking, reading and raising his family’s three chickens and a dog.

Effective, Results-Based Marketing Campaigns.

Take advantage of my extensive experience in website and landing page design for your next marketing campaign. I believe in testing assumptions, proving results and being able to explain what I do in a way that is repeatable.

Search Engine Optimization

Newly-coined SEO ‘experts’ will tell you it’s all about ranking with the listicle of the day but can't write copy that leads to conversion. Traffic means little with low conversion rates. Engaging, keyword thinking content coupled with correct architectural design of your site and pages is what we would concentrate on in lifting your SEO goals.

Google Adwords and Analytics

I have over a decade of experience in writing and targeting ads that sell. Coupled with a focus on analytics, we will find out and optimize exactly how they find out about you and why they click when they do.

Website and Email Campaigns

What is your story and how do you want to let the world know? My team and I make effective, conversion-centric websites and emails that are responsive, intuitive and consistent to your brand.

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

After teaching marketing classes to college students for over 20 years, I am very comfortable speaking in public and facilitating team workshops. I’ll work closely with you to create a curricula for a class like setting or conduct a facilitated workshop to map out product release planning, marketing campaigns or other strategic planning goals.

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